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a lass that is gone.

sing me a song.
Me: curator of fine pop culture. sullivan stapleton swooner. nerd. podcaster. Needs books to live. hosts two podcasts, please send help
jaimie alexander, lana parrilla, kristen wigg, gilda radner, yvette nicole brown, maya rudolph, laverne cox, christina hendricks, tina fey, amy poehler, gina torres, viola davis, elizabeth mitchell
Blindspot, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, Outlander, Firefly, Game of Thrones, LOST, Mad Men, Misfits, Parks & Recreation, Revenge, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The X-Files.
Hates: racism of any kind, sexism, and bigots. people who feel they're better than anyone else in fandom. people who bash a character or ship without having any actual argument to back it up. people who would like to tell me what i should put in my own journal. people who can't accept multi-shipping.