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163. State of the pups

I typically only like to do this every six months but we're close at five, so oh well.

STATE OF ME FIRST: I'm on some kind of hiatus. My dad's still in renal failure. His heart isn't keeping up well. He doesn't know where he's at or what's happening. Some hours I want to RP something, but then I just feel horrible and cry, and I can't get a tag out. So, I guess I sort of want to RP, but I don't want to drag out threads, especially when I have three or four in progress already that I haven't tagged back since Friday when all the shit hit the fan.

I especially hate that I couldn't finish Aibileen's exit. A goodbye was too hard, especially for a pup I genuinely loved. She just...learned her lesson and it was time to go. But it was too much.

That all being said, I'm not abandoning the pups I will still be bringing in. Life goes on, eventually. It has to.

Here's a chart with all of my current pups.

♕ Laura Roslin ♕

° Something else I'm disappointed about is missing the gathering post for Laila's third birthday. Laura mostly can't believe that her baby is a whole three years old, and that she's less baby and more little girl. I haven't had her out much which was supposed to be remedied before...yeah. She probably could use a thread with the BSG pups, would love to see Hera, connect with the bakery crew. She's quietly happy, though in the back of her head she knows Six is here, but she tries not to make it a conscious thought all the time. I'd like to get her out and about, she needs to meet some newer people.

♕ Angel ♕

° She loves first grade, and she also loves sociology. XD She's a very happy six year old, and though she doesn't know it, is about to have her very first loose tooth. She likes having David as her boyfriend, but right now she's very sad that Aibileen has left. She's mopey and quiet, and probably clinging more to those adults who know her (River, John, Erica, Puck, Charles, and some others I may have missed.) afraid that they'll leave, too. At least she did get a goodbye. Sometime soon I'd like for her to come into her canon power of being able to control people with her mind.

♕ Juliet Burke ♕

° Has the hots for Sam Axe, dude. No lie. SHE'S ALL SMOOCHY IN MY HEAD ALL THE TIME. Though who knows how much they actually do smooch. And it's effectively helped her move on. Jonah delights her to her soul, and though it hasn't been threaded in a while, she loves Faith and Claire. I'd like for her to have a post in the clinic, talking with Martha maybe, meeting Cliff Huxtable, taking over Simon Tam's duties if that's okay with Andrej.

♕ Joan Holloway ♕

° Like having sex with Neal, LOL. She needs to actually people and stuff. It's just that she's not up for a lot of bullshit, ever, so if she's bored the conversation doesn't last long. I think she'll probably meet Peter and Elizabeth eventually, and there's a plot that I can't quite remember all the details of, but I think it ends with her finding out the truth about Neal. Which, honestly, I'm...not too sure she'll run away from.

♕ Erica Evans ♕

° She's content. There may be some kind of plottage if threads wind up certain ways. But she's happy, if not sad that Aibileen is gone. If there's not plottage, I need to do something with her other than work, work out, and take care of the baby.

♕ Belle ♕

° New and I haven't even intro'ed her in the OOC yet. Oops. She's not arriving until Rumpelstiltskin does, which should be in a week or two anyway.

♕ Zoe Washburne ♕

° Quietly living life not shooting people. She misses her Captain, but what can you do? Maya is currently very nearly seven months old and it makes her heart ache. It's going so fast. She needs this time, needs it with Wash, but she also loves seeing her baby come into her own little personality.

♕ Donna Noble ♕

° Donna's happy; she's happy with Declan and happy with her friendships, but she's also been wanting to live in the TARDIS. She misses going. She misses the alien planets and getting into scrapes, and all of that. She's not enjoying being stuck at the moment, though she wouldn't want to leave Declan at this point either. She's conflicted.

♕ Mary Crawley ♕

° My plan has been to drop her this month, but with Sybil in the village...I don't know. Matt's going, and that will be hard. So, I'm still really on the fence about it all. She doesn't have much time left if she does stay. It would just be enough to spend some quality time with her sister away from Downton and the politics of it all.

♕ Regina Mills/The Evil Queen ♕

° There is nothing better than having a wicked pup. And there's a plot in the works. She has her magic. She has Rumpelstiltskin's knife. And he's coming to the village. She needs to find out very soon that the dead can come to the village and live so that she can try and come up with a spell to bring Daniel. Her true love. And then if she's successful, maybe he can be all 'lol look, you're mad at a nine year old time to move on.' and she can try to be a better person. But not before slipping someone her poisoned apple (not a euphemism) and accidentally giving any canon mates that want it, the use of magic.

♕ Michonne ♕

° It's hard for a badass to not be a badass. That being said, she's getting her practice in at the Dojo, and with Lisbeth. I am still lamenting that there was a zombie plot a relative short time ago, because I'd love to see her kick some walker ass. That also being said, she just wants to keep Sophia safe. She wants to keep this little life she has with her and Daryl as long as she can. Because who knows when they get tossed back into the fire. She's sort of intense, enjoys working with Natasha because she's also on the same wavelength. Should probably talk to McClane again about what is and isn't enforced police wise.

♕ Rue ♕

° She's sort of quietly happy. She has a crush on Xas. She enjoys part-time co-habitation with Haymitch. She REALLY enjoys working at the farm. Not much to report.

♕ Sophia Peletier ♕

° Totally oblivious to much outside of a fifth grade girl's scope of caring, lol. SHE DOES NOT LIKE ANY BOYS NONE OF THE BOYS. Should have another thread with Dale and Glenn.

♕ Rapunzel ♕

° Planning on getting her out at the marina soon. She loves everyone and everything and the whole entire village. So, she's basically over being too afraid to do anything. But that's largely in part to Sam. She brings him lunch every day, and beer, lol. She has not had a sip of alcohol yet. God, a drunk Rapunzel. GOD.

♕ Alisha Bailey ♕

° Very silently stunned that she's doing this whole committed relationship thing. I would though, like a couple of things to happen. One - she tells Faith about her power. Two - a volunteer to touch her and make her power go crazy when Simon isn't there. She needs to learn how to stop an advance at the Dojo, and I think that would give Simon the idea, possibly. Because she just sees herself as untouchable.

♕ Inara Serra ♕

° Through my own fault, some things haven't happened by now that should have. But I'd really like to get her in a thread with Kaylee soon, telling her about her heart. She's sort of come to terms with it, and needs to tell everyone. The group setting just...isn't best, probably. I have no idea how it'll go telling Jayne, lol. I'd also like to have her sleep with a couple of people as Companion - people who need healing and affection, both men and women.

♕ Clair Huxtable ♕

° Happy teaching. Really needs a thread with Cliff; I screwed the pooch on a dinner date. She misses her kids and finds herself wishing someone else from home would show up.

Plots to Plan

I'm open, hit me.

Any of mine are up for suggesting threads, I'M ALL ABOUT IT.

Pups or fandoms I've been considering:

Amy Pond is coming at the end of her arc on the show, Maggie Greene (The Walking Dead) will be arriving after the season 3 premiere, and Prince Charming...SIGH. I don't know. Him, I may wait on OUAT to start up again to actually (possibly) app. I'm always worried about writing guys, though.

I still really want a comedy pup, I just have no idea which one. Comedy pups, in the past, have been very difficult, because while they tend to be wacky and zany, with no canon mates to bounce that wakcy zany off of, it gets hard to maintain. Possible fandoms would be: Parks and Recreation, Community, or Arrested Development.

I really, really, want to play Gwen DeMarco (Galaxy Quest) but that's a must have for canon mates, honestly.
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