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93. The shortest fic of my life

Title: Monday
Author: propernice
Rating: PG - lol sorry
Fandom: LOST
Pairing: Suliet
Word count: ~330
Author's Note: Mostly because Monday's suck, I was just sitting here thinking to myself that there has to be a universe in which Mondays are A-Okay in someone's life. And so, this. It's pure fluff. Alas, my Monday wasn't good enough for smut, but YOU NEVER KNOW. There's always next time. For my wife partner findthesea!

He still smells like charcoal and smoke from cooking dinner Juliet notes, lips trailing down the middle of his back. His hair is still damp from an apparently half-assed shower, but she doesn’t care, not really. She feels his mouth graze the side of her knee where she’s kneeling next to him, and she smiles. “Can I help you?”

His chuckle is low and she can feel it; in the hum of his lips against her skin and her own on his shoulder blade now. “Just wonderin’ if we’re ever gonna get to the point here.”

She hits his shoulder lightly. “Don’t you have any patience?”

“Not when it comes to you,” he drawls, joking, and then she finds herself under him, letting out a huff of breath.

“I had a plan, you know.”

“Me too. Right now about all I’ve thought through is takin’ your clothes off.”

“Keep sweet talking like that,” she smirks, though she does raise up to let him take off her shirt. She watches his eyebrows go up when he realizes she isn’t wearing a bra.

“Goin’ commando today, Blondie?” His hands graze down her sides and to the zipper of her jeans. Tugging the pants down, he lets out a sigh of disappointment.

Juliet laughs, lifting her hips. “Just trying to keep you guessing.” When he moves over her again her hands move up his chest and across his shoulders, pulling him into a kiss.

“You always keep me guessin’,” he murmurs against her mouth. And he’s proven right when strong legs are suddenly pushing him over, and he finds himself looking up at the best damn sight there is.

“I’m finishing what I started. Have a problem with that?”

He’s both amused and turned on as hell, and James just smirks. “Knock yourself out there, Blondie.”

Her mouth drops to his chest, and the last coherent thought he has is that this is the only good way to spend a Monday.
Tags: fic: short fic, ship: suliet, tv: lost
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