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90. state of the pups

I typically only like to do this every six months because...I feel like I just did this, but eh. Oh well.

STATE OF ME FIRST: I have 13 pups. THIRT.TEEN. And I keep thinking someone needs to go, but everyone is just...geling and meshing so well that I don't see a reason to do so? I have days when I can't tag at all and I feel all stressed out over it, but that's work and life being crazy - not not wanting to RP. Also, weirdly, I've tried to branch out to other RPs and hearts_andminds is just the only one where I feel like I click. Maybe it's the laid backness of it all, the no pressure part, or maybe I've just been here so long now I'm comfortable.

Character: Aibileen Clark
Canon: The Help
General: Aibileen has very quietly gone past the anniversary of her son's death with no real big fuss. She now has her alteration shop, works every other day taking care of Madeline McClane, has Angel every day after school at her shop, and checks in on Faith and Ed every so often. And, apparently now she'll be cleaning up after Haymitch after she gets over her initial disgust, lol.

I really, really would like for her to have a makeover of some sort. She still wears her maid uniform when she's working for the McClane's because it's what she knows. She wears dresses that are very obviously from the 60s and don't flatter her at all. She's found what she's happy doing, and now she just needs a little push toward feeling better about herself.

Sometime in the middle of May, she'll be hosting a crawfish boil because...well, because she can.

Needs threads with: Faith - I assume and handwave but it would probably be better to have them actually interact. Also, it out. Also, after Haymitch, I think maybe she's hit her capacity on availability, lol. I honestly don't know when she does anything for herself, but she's happy with what she has now. But, other than that, if they'd just like to meet, I'm up for any interaction.

Character: Angel
Canon: Maximum Ride book series
General: Angel is a very happy, cheerful little girl. Ask her, and she'll run down the list of people who take care of her: John, Erica, Aibiee, River, Puck, and Charles. She goes to Aibileen's shop every day after school where she's been learning to sew and do all sorts of things with fabric. She's convinced that when she grows up she'll be traveling with the Doctor and River, the former whom she's just met. And Charles Xavier is currently helping her hone her telepathic abilities. She's also been attending psychology classes at the college with David. In the upcoming kid plot, she will find out that they will grow up and get married, and have a son named Alan.

On a special note: I've firmly decided that her birthday is June 20th. So she'll finally turn six!
Needs threads with: Any of the people already mentioned - anyone who has an interest in a bird girl?

Character: Donna Noble
Canon: Doctor Who
General: DONNA GOT SHOT. A victim in the cylon plot, though she was helping people run to safety and hide when it happened. It's been three months of recovery (she was shot in the stomach), but she's finally mended and ready to get back into the swing of things in the village. Her relationship with Declan has gone slow - but only because of said gunshot wound. Being bedridden and unable to do anything, has limitations. She's still technically employeed at Candy Mountain, but she's a little bored there. I may give her an OTA at the shop and see how it goes. But ultimately I'm thinking she needs a job change. (She was a temp, used to hopping back and forth between jobs, so this isn't entirely unexpected.) She's also made a fast friend in Felecia Jollygoodfellow, so that's something!

In the upcoming kid plot, her two computer generated children, Josh and Ella will arrive, which will make her finally have to confront what happened in the library.
Needs threads with: Declan ♥, River, the Doctor, people in general.

Character: Erica Evans
Canon: V
General: Erica and John's daughter is now a whopping nine weeks old. So, still a little peanut. She does have wisps of hair though, so she's starting to take after her mother. Erica only thought that she'd want to be a full time stay at home mom - she found out a couple weeks ago that she really can't do that. She needs to be at work. That's also coupled with the fact that if she's there, John's not stuck as long doing the paperwork she normally takes care of. She's had some lingering, mixed feelings about Juliet. On one hand, she's her identical twin who is a great woman. On the other hand, she's her identical twin who slept with her husband once upon a time. The kid plot will not help things much, but she and John will have AU children, Michael (Mikey) and Lucy (not the same one from the movie) show up to tell them tales of how their version of Erica and John met when they were in college.
Needs threads with: Other police types? My sadistic brain would like the Devil to remind her that he could still fuck with her any time he wanted to. Anyone who'd like to play with her.

Character: Inara Serra
Canon: Firefly/Serenity
General: Oh boy. Well. She's found out that she's not dying in the village. That's a big one. Mal also confronted her when she was at the hotel bar being bought drinks by a man not him. He admitted that he was jealous, that it should be him, and Inara reciprocated. A few sessions of hot sex later, and on Saint Patrick's Day, Mal finds out she's dying back home. He's drunk. He asks her to marry him. She says no. THESE TWO. They avoid each other for a good chunk of time until they meet at the beach, and he proposes again. She says only if he promises to dress nicely for the wedding, so I guess that's a yes. The next issue to tackle is convincing him to let Shephered Book perform the ceremony. During the kid plot, a mini-Malcolm will arrive.
Needs threads with: Canon mates. Soon, very soon, she's going to tell Jayne, Simon, Zoe, and formally River (who no doubt already knows) about her ailment. Though she's not sure if she wants to do it all at once, or at dinner. Oh, all of that to say that before then, if you'd like her to tell one of them separately (probably Simon, if any?) I'm all for it. I'd also like her to get to know Father Sam and other religious types. Meeting the Queen? That'd probably be a highlight.

Character: Juliet Burke
Canon: LOST
General: I really need to rename this journal something better. But I digress. Her little man is a whole entire year old and then some. Jonah's thisclose to walking, mostly doing it with holding onto Juliet's hands. She's made a few new friends - Faith namely, and she wants to start some kind of baby clothes/clothes/furniture consignment thing. And she's dating Jack O'Neill, a relationship that she's tentative about, only because she's afraid he'll leave, or find someone with less baggage. But she's okay now, finally. She's had a few moments with John, but mostly she tries to forget about that eight months or so. She loved him, James came back. James left - she still loves John, but he's got a happiness that she's still trying to find. She's a little jealous, truth be told.

For the kid plot, an adult Jonah will come to the village, only he's been raised by Juliet and John McClane.
Needs threads with: Jack, Faith, clinic staff? Anyone else who wants her.

Character: Laura Roslin
Canon: Battlestar Galactica
General: Laura was so messed up after the cylon attack. It took me a long time to get her to talk. She's alright now, and will benefit from having an adult Laila in the village during the kid plot. And, incidentally, Laila will be three in September. Time is flying. At one point she was going to see about teaching at the school, but she loves the bakery too much and being flexible with her hours. She is excited about helping Katniss and Peeta with their wedding, if only because she will have a very happy distraction.
Needs threads with: Ellen Tigh again, Leoben, other bakery staff. Peeta and Katniss. Like always, anyone who wants her.

Character: Lady Mary Crawley
Canon: Downton Abbey
General: Oh, Mary. She loves Matthew and were he to show up, she would marry him tomorrow. But the thing is, there is no Matthew. There is, however, a Matt. And she likes spending time with him very much. He's the type of refined, older man Sir Richard tried to be. So right now, she's trying to find a way to justify being with someone when she's technically still engaged. She has a very hard time with the idea that she'll have to be alone for the duration of her stay in the village. She's been learning about camera and photography since she's been put in charge of the studio.
Needs threads with: The Queen, certainly, Anna as always, and Matt for certain.

Character: Michonne
Canon: The Walking Dead
General: Michonne is well, she's from the season finale of the show, but more comic book canon at this point. Her entire backstory is pulled from the books. She started out living in the woods, then she met Daryl and it turned into a...hate fuck type situation until it turned out they enjoyed the sex. And then Sophia arrived and they moved into the hotel. She's had a job offer to become the village arbitrator and intends to take it.
Needs threads with: Her little family, always. John McClane, but she's so prickly I'm not sure who she'll respond positively to, and who not. YOU CAN ALWAYS TRY.

Character: Rue
Canon: The Hunger Games
General: Right now, there's not a whole lot going on because she's on bed rest. She came in right after her end in the book, and realistically, if she lives, it's a hard, hard wound to heal from. Right now the thing that she's enjoying the absolute most is not having to share a bed with any siblings. She does, however, want to see about working rather than going to school. She just doesn't get the point in school after never having gone a day in her life. She can read and write, and she knows how to count. What else is there, really?
Needs threads with: Effie - she needs to get her hair straightened, just so that Katniss can braid it, really. Also Haymitch. They can probably sit in gruff silence with each other - they each have stomach wounds to bond over, too! Bran Stark, Rory, other people who have been stuck for long periods of time without being able to move.

Character: Sophia Peletier
Canon: The Walking Dead
General: Sophia came to the village just after being bit, so before she'd turned. She was found in the woods of Haurvartat by Daryl and given a cure at the clinic - on hand from the village's own zombie outbreak. I'm using her canon up until she died, but then she'll be slipping into the 'mom' and 'dad' thing with Daryl and Michonne - whom she lives with now in the hotel. It's too late in the year for her to go to school, so she's mostly just hanging out - or will be.
Needs threads with: Daryl, she liked Selene, so more threads there, I think. Other kids, too. I'd like for her to meet McClane since he seemed concerned about her in the clinic.

Character: Violet Harmon
Canon: American Horror Story
General: Violet's been having a good time lazing around the comic book store, spooking some random people when she thinks she can. She's also getting comfortable in her relationship with Tate, as fucked up as it is.
Needs threads with: Tate, Mikey, Daryl because that was fun. Anyone else who wants a ghost girl. She needs to be snarky and meta with someone.

Character: Zoe Washburne
Canon: Firefly/Serenity
General: Zoe is trying very hard to be blissfully happy. Somewhere in the back of her mind is always the fact that her husband is dead, that she'll leave him alone in this village one day. That he won't have his family anymore. But on a good day, that thought isn't the first thing she thinks of anymore. Maya is a little rolly pollie at almost three months old, smiling and laughing at her parents. For the kid plot, a twentysomething or so Maya will come to the village and leave angst in her wake, probably. And then, in June, there will be Reavers. Oh, yes. She's still learning magic, but with McGonagall gone, she will be seeking a new tutor - most likely Carlos.
Needs threads with: Wash, always ♥, her crew, and she liked Faith, a lot. Anyone else who'd like to thread with her.

Plots to Plan

I'm open, hit me.

Any of mine are up for suggesting threads, I'M ALL ABOUT IT.

Pups or fandoms I've been considering:

Arya Stark or Catelyn. I currently have Arya on reserve, but I may want to see how the rest of the season shakes out.

I've been looking at Eleven (Doctor Who) very critically. His voice is loud, however, I'm not sure I could maintain it long term.

I still really want a comedy pup, I just have no idea which one. Comedy pups, in the past, have been very difficult, because while they tend to be wacky and zany, with no canon mates to bounce that wakcy zany off of, it gets hard to maintain. Possible fandoms would be: Parks and Recreation, Community, or Arrested Development.

Also thinking about Olive Penderghast from Easy A.

None of this is like 'GONNA DO MUST DO' but if anyone wanted to try some enabling, be my guest~
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